Monday, October 1, 2012

County Fair!

Howdy Partners!

Have you heard the news? The county fair has come to town! Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Chili Dogs, and all kinds of other fair found dogness can be found!

Seriously though, there are several new quests, a few new pieces of equipment, and fifteen new recipes to be had with this fun little update. Not to mention some added decorative items!

So spend some time, and dig in.

Instead of getting "mastery stars" for these recipes, you'll be acquiring County Fair Ribbons! As you collect more and more ribbons, you'll earn awards.

A County Fair Hotdog Sign, 5 One-Hour Thymes (probably the best reward), and the County Fair Carousel. Each new recipe can receive 3 ribbons, and you only need thirty ribbons to get the carousel, so with fifteen recipes times three should be able to get there, no problem!

All the new county fair decorations are limited time, so if you see anything you really want, grab it while its there!

Now I'm horrible with names, but that Aussie looking fella is who shows up to tell you about the fair. He'll give you your Hot Dog Cart, and a Mustard Dispenser.

You will need quite a bit of mustard, so harvest that little machine every time it pops up. Personally, I think it takes forever to get all the a I ask all my friends for mustard. It is FAR easier. If you need more friends, post your info over on the Add Me page.

There is also a meat grinder that you'll need to use to make some of these items. You'll have to purchase this item. Head to the Market, then look under Kitchen, then Crafting Staions. It will only set you back 500 coins, and you're going to need it.

You'll also need some help from your friends getting everything all set up. The meat grinder will allow you to make ground beef, and spicy ground beef. What would a hot dog stand be without a chili dog?

You will go through a ton of beef (You did upgrade your mom & pop butcher shop right?), tomatoes, dough, and all kinds of other toppers. The quests are pretty straight forward, so you shouldn't get lost along the way. Have fun at the fair! As always, please leave comments, click like, follow us on Facebook, Google +, etc...