Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The ingredient Garlic is not found right away when you start playing Chefville.

As you progress through the game you'll get the quest called "Farmer's Market" from the hippy looking girl. Completing the quest will allow you unlock the ability to purchase an expansion. The expansion is to the left of where your restaurant started, and you'll see a couple of stalls (Broccoli and Romaine Lettuce), and a pile of wrapped boxes.

Click the wrapped boxes a few times to unwrap your garlic stall. After unwrapping it, you'll have to get a few neighbors to help you open shop, and then you'll be able to start harvesting garlic, and cooking dishes with a garlic ingredient. Garlic can be harvested fairly quickly, every five minutes.

Garlic is used in a number of dishes including; Garlic Toast, Ranch Dressing, and Steak Florentine

You can also harvest at your neighbors stall for a chance to collect more garlic.

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