Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romance Pond

As you start unlocking more areas in Chefville you'll eventually come across an area containing the "Romance Pond".

The red ribbon is around the pond because it is initially locked. Get a few friends to help out, and you'll have it open in no time.

The pond is movable, even while it is locked, so if you have some decorating plans, feel free to move that pond out of your way.

Once unlocked you'll be able to fish in the pond. The pond contains Salmon. After fishing, you won't be able to catch any more salmon for 60 minutes.

You can always go and fish in your neighbors pond though, for another chance to get some salmon.

If you're looking for the Giant Salmon, Giant Tuna, or Salmon Roe, then you'll want to check out the Moon Pond! That's where you'll find those ingredients.

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