Friday, January 4, 2013

Ingredient: Apple

Apples are not really available right away ChefVille. There are a couple of trees that will be found as you expand, and after that you have to buy the Apple Tree from the marketplace. Each time you harvest from the tree you'll receive one apple. It then takes eight hours before you can harvest again.

You can only harvest from your apple tree (or have it harvested by neighbors) about eight times before the tree is bare, and disappears. Then you'll need to buy a new tree to replace it. You can only own one apple tree at a time, making collecting apples a very time consuming process.

Apple are used in at least four dishes: Roasted Apple and Onion Soup, Savory Cheddar Apple Tarts, Spiced Stuffed Apples, Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salad.

You can also harvest your neighbors trees for a chance to receive an apple.

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