Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ingredient: Cheddar Cheese

The ingredient Cheddar Cheese is not found right away when you start playing Chefville.

As you progress through the game you'll unlock an area where you'll find the Cheese Cellar. Once unlocked you'll then be able to harvest cheddar cheese from the cellar. A short time later you'll be able to upgrade your cellar to a Cheese Display.

Once you have upgraded to the cheese display, each time you harvest from the display, you have a random chance to receive one of six different types of cheeses. Also once upgraded you'll be able to repeatedly harvest for cheese, without having to wait for it to reset.

Cheddar Cheese is currently used in nine recipes:

  • Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Califorina Garlic Cheese Pizza
  • Cheddar Omelette
  • Fritatta
  • Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets
  • Oven Baked Mac & Cheese
  • Savory Cheddar Apple Tarts
  • Scalloped Potatoes

You can also harvest at your neighbors display, but you only have a chance to receive cheddar cheese. There are also some dishes that your your neighbors have prepared that could yield an ingredient also.

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