Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ingredient: Basil

Basil is a basic ingredient, and not found right away in Chefville. As you progress in game you'll find a three part quest chain titled, "The Land Down Over". In part three of the quest chain, you'll be required to expand your restaurant into the "Vineyard Gateway". Once you've done that you'll have access to the two basil plants found in this newly expanded area.

Basil Plant
Harvesting your basil plant will yield you one basil, and you can harvest your plant again after thirty minutes. You can also harvest the basil plants in your neighbors restaurants, for a chance to score another basil.

Basil itself is only directly used in two recipes: Margherita Pizza, and Coq Au Vin.
Basil is also used in the food processor along with Garlic and Salt, to create Pesto. Pesto can then be used in five recipes. So even though initially Basil doesn't seem to be of much use, you can use it to craft another ingredient that is quite useful.

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